Becoming a Member of the Church – Adults

If you are interested in becoming a Catholic, or still just exploring the idea, you are very welcome to contact us, either a priest or one of the pastoral associates. It could also be that you are already baptized into the Church, but have had no further contact with us. In both our parishes, entering into “full communion” with the Catholic Church is done via a process called The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.  It goes like this.

  1. You start thinking about the Catholic Church. Maybe you have some questions, maybe you’re not sure, but the idea just won’t go away.

  2. You contact us and tell us where you are. We organize some times of conversation, usually just you and one other – the priest or the pastoral associate. You ask questions and perhaps so do we. There’s no obligation at this point.

  3. You decide you definitely want to go ahead and become a Catholic Christian. You begin the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, or RCIA.

  4. The RCIA is really a series of rituals, most of which take place in church. Each ritual marks your progress in drawing closer to the heart of Jesus Christ, which is the aim of the RCIA.  The process varies in length according to where you are with God and with our community, but typically it can take anything between nine (9) months and two (2) years.

  5. When you reach the end of the process, it culminates in your reception of Holy Communion for the first time. You are baptized, if you’re not already baptized, you receive Holy Communion, and you are confirmed. You are one with us, in Christ!

  6. In between each ritual, you attend a series of meetings – usually weekly – with the RCIA team in your parish. With them, you learn who the Church is – its life of prayer, worship, service and teaching. The team is composed of ordinary people like yourself, already Catholic but still on the same path to fuller union with God. A ‘Catechist’ is also present to help you and the team in the process, which is based on a deep and prayerful examination of the Word of God in the Lectionary. (The Lectionary is the collection of Scripture passages used each time Mass is celebrated).

Are you interested?  When you’re ready, contact us. We’re waiting…